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Change the Payee Info For My Event

Changing where your payments are sent and who gets notified when they're sent is pretty darn simple. In fact, it's so simple you can do both in the same place. Here's how:

Change the payment information for your event

  1. Go into Event Setup

  2. Click Payment Info (left side of screen)

  3. Click edit or delete next to the existing payment info

    • Edit allows you to change the address and add new notifications

    • Delete removes the payment info and allows you to add a different one

  4. Click Save Payee when everything is set up the way you like

Split the payment between companies

Need to split payment between different companies or entities? Not a problem. When you add or edit the payee info, just indicate what percentage of payment they should receive. Add as many payees as you need, but remember, it all has to add up to 100%! (Unless, of course, you want to give us a really big tip.)


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