Event Director

An overview of each Quick Link on the dashboard

Curious to know what all the quick links on your dashboard do? Here's a quick rundown:


Event Creation
Create an Event – Create a new event from the beginning
Copy Existing Event – Create a new event by copying info from an existing event
Update Event for the Next Year – Change an event from one year to the next

Event Administration
Discount + Invitation Codes – Create, edit and manage all your codes
Custom Registration Builder – Customize the look and feel of your page design
Bib + Corral Manager – Assign bibs and corrals in seconds
Import Results – Import .txt or .csv of your race results

Merchandise Manager – Create/manage your merchandise. Add rev share items.
Merchandise Report – Details of all your merchandise purchases
Inventory Report – View amount sold and remaining inventory for each item

Marketing + Communications
Announcements + Notifications – Create custom reg receipts. Add messaging in the reg process
E-mail Manager – Create/send emails to past and current participants
Event Marketing Links – Create links to track traffic/conversions for all communication
Event Marketing Report – Analyze traffic/revenue you’re getting from marketing efforts
Text Messenger – Send text messages to participants

Volunteer Manager – Use VolunteerLocal to manage volunteers

Print Waivers – Print personalized USAT and other waivers for on-site signatures 

Want to know more? Dive in deeper with these links:
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