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Reports Overview

As you may have noticed, there is a link on your main navigation bar that says Reports.  If you haven't noticed this yet, you should take stock of it.  It looks a lot like this:

If you click that Reports link, you'll be directed to your Reports home page, which is the home to all sorts of super-cool data.  How super-cool, you ask?  I thought you'd never ask...

(click the report name to learn more)

Tally of the revenue due you in the current statement period, details of each previous payment and drill-down reports that allow you to reconcile each payment. (learn more)

REGISTRATION DETAILS (most popular report)
Analysis of registration data, including year-over-year (or event-to-event) comparisons. Analyze participation and revenue by Class/Race, gender, location, date, total revenue and more. (learn more)

Breakdown of revenue and transactions for online registration vs manual entries vs mail-in (check) payments (learn more)

Who cancelled and/or deferred?  When did they do it and what was their reason to cancel/defer?  What is their discount code and how much, if any, is that code worth?  These questions, and more, are answered in the Cancellation + Deferral report. (learn more)

CUSTOM QUESTIONS (another hugely popular one)
Summary of the answers for each of your custom questions.  For instance, get a breakdown of t-shirt sizes. (learn more)

Drill down report that allows you to see every part of every transaction - either rolled up to the event level, split up by the class/race level, or detailed down to the individual transaction level.  (learn more)

List of everybody who changed from one race/Class to another (e.g. half marathon to 10k), when they made the change, what race/Class they were initially in and which one they moved to. (learn more)

EVENT MARKETING (yet another hugely popular report)
Shows you traffic, registration conversions and revenue generated from all your marketing efforts, including posts on Facebook and Twitter.  It's really cool. (learn more)

Trends and revenue generated from e-commerce activities, including popular sales dates and locations as well as insight into Rev Share item sales. (learn more)

A repository for a truck load of other really neat and extremely helpful reports that you may need (and that we haven't been able to build a full user interface for yet). (learn more)

Create and submit your USAT post-race accounting form in the click of a button.  Yes, it's really that easy. (learn more)



* Event Marketing Report - track your ROI for all marketing activities
* Registration Details - aggregate registration info for an event, incl. year over year comparisons
* Other Reports - a plethora of cool reports you should check out, including...
* ...How many times people participated in your events - yup, look at it.  It's pretty cool.

* Custom Questions - aggregate results for each custom question (like t-shirt size)
* Cancellation + Deferrals - everybody who cancelled/deferred including when and why
Revenue Details - drill down to see where money came from for each statement
* Class Change - see everybody who moved from one race/class to another
* Custom Participant Details Reports - create your own reports in Participant Details
USA Triathlon Accounting Form - easily create and submit your post-race accounting to USAT
* Merchandise + E-Commerce - see how much you're selling by event
* Registration Method - breakdown of online vs manual vs check registrations


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