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Reports: Account Statements

imATHLETE accounting periods end on the 1st and 16th of every month. Statements are sent and payments are initiated on the 2nd and 17th of every month.  (If you are on direct deposit, you should have the money within 1-2 business days).

Statements look a lot like that image right over there -->

But there is no need to wait for statements to see how much is being sent to you. That's where the Account Statements Report comes in handy.

  • Click Reports from your main navigation bar
  • The report is on the top of the next page (if you don't see this, let us know. We may need to enable it for you.)

Current Balance
On the left side you'll see your balance for the current pay period. This does not yet include refunds, so the statement on the site may not 100% match the Transaction Summary you receive from us--not to worry! The Transaction Summary is correct. 

Previous Statements
On the right side you'll see all your previous payments, including the payment period and amount paid.  You can also drill down to see the details of that statement.  Speaking of...

Drill Down
Click any of the view links, and you can drill down to see the details of the payments. Click once to see it rolled up at the Event level. Click an Event to see revenue at the Class level. Click a Class to see revenue at the Participant level. Check it out:

  • If you drill down to a relay team member's registration, you'll see that the registration fee is reported per team member
  • ​Remember that this report doesn't yet include refunds, so the amount you see on your Transaction Summary may be different
  • Don't see this report at all? Let us know, we can enable it for you as long as your company permissions allow it
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