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Reports: Registration Details Report

The imATHLETE Registration Report is the most utilized of all the reporting pages - primarily because it gives you a single snapshot of all your registration.  Whether you want to see revenue, class counts, participants, gender breakdowns and more, it's on the report.  Most importantly, you can compare events year over year.

  • Click Reports from your main navigation bar
  • Click View Report next to Registration Details (or select the event name and click Go)

Event Snapshot
Gives you a snapshot of all the key metrics for any event.  Registrations, participants, revenue and more.

Year Over Year Analysis
By default, the chart on the top will show you how you're tracking year over year.  Look on the bottom right of the chart to see it broken down into actual # and % difference.

Event to Event Analysis
As if year over year isn't enough, you can compare any event to any other event.  Just select the events on the top of the chart that you want to compare.  Ka-POW!  It's done.

Only want to see revenue and participation for a specific race/class?  No problem, just click the Filter button and you can create whatever specific report you're looking for.

Save Reports
Instead of having to create filters every time you come to the Registration Report, create a filter and click "Save".  That filter will then appear in your Saved Reports dropdown for you to access in one click whenever you want.

Date Filtering
Change the dates on the top right of the chart to see how your activity within specific time periods.

Canceled Participants
By default we don't include canceled participant counts (or their revenue impact) in the numbers.  Want to include cancelled participants, click the checkbox under the graph that says "Include canceled participants".

Date Range
You need to alter the date range to match the events.  For instance, if you want to see registrations for an event in 2012, but your report date range is 2014, no data will appear until you change the report date range to a period in which you may had activity for the 2012 event.



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USA Triathlon Accounting Form - easily create and submit your post-race accounting to USAT
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