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How does the Event Cancellation Refund Program work?

Things happen.  Sometimes things even happen that are beyond your control. Like the entire onion being pulled out of the onion ring on your first bite so all you're left with is a big handful of crunchy batter ring, sans onion.  

As if that's not frustrating enough, imagine that you had to cancel your event for something beyond your control.  Most likely this wouldn't be related to onion rings, but more likely weather.  Or, heaven forbid, terrorism. 

Maybe you're currently buying event cancellation insurance, which is probably costing you $10k - $25k per year.

How about if I told you that you can have event cancellation coverage, but instead of paying for it every year, we pay you.  Yes, you heard that right...  WE pay YOU.

This is called the imATHLETE Event Cancellation Refund Program.


1.  You tell us you want event cancellation coverage.

2.  We add a slight % to your already existing service fee.

3.  You decide how much you want to get as a rebate from that increase.  The rebate goes right into your pocket.

4.  You market the heck out of this to potential participants (we put information on your registration page letting participants know they are covered, you include it in your marketing materials).  Participants are ecstatic.

5. We send you money.

6. You sleep soundly.

In case you have to cancel your event for a covered reason, you just fill out the Event Cancellation Claim Form* and imATHLETE refunds the participants - up to $1,000,000 per event.

Ain't that cool?

Want to know what is covered?  Check out the policy here.

*Claims will not be made on the Event's behalf until 7 business days after the month in which the last registration was accepted. Should you choose to expedite the process, the last month of registration fees may not be considered in the claim.

* Event Cancellation Refund Program Disclaimer - what is covered in the event cancellation refund program
* Event Cancellation Claim Form - how and where you submit a claim


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