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Create a Class-Specific Discount Code

Using a class-specific discount code is a great way to make sure a discount can only be applied to certain registration classes within your event. They come in pretty handy when you're looking to do something like encourage more folks to sign up for the 10k.

How to set it up

  1. Click Tools on the left side of the page

  2. Click Registration Codes

  3. Click the Add a New Discount button, and set up your code:

    • Code: You create a code if you'd like just keep it mind it must be unique, or leave it blank and we'll auto-generate a code for you.

    • Description: Optional - you can add a description to describe the code

    • Type: Choose Fixed Amount Discount

    • Limit Code: You can leave the box checked to keep it unlimited, or uncheck the box and limit the number of times the code can be used

    • Dollar Amount or Percentage Off: Enter your desired dollar or percentage discount

    • Start Date: Optional - enter a start date for the code or leave it blank for it to start today

    • Expiration Date: Optional as well 

    • Uncheck the box next to All Events

    • Under Current Event Listing, choose the event this code can be used with

    • Next to Let code be used for all Registration Classes choose No

    • Under Only valid for this class select the valid classes (if you'd like to select multiple classes, just hold down the Ctrl key on your keyboard and select the other classes)

  4. Click Save, and you're all set!

Good to know

Class-specific discount codes can only be set up with the Fixed Amount code type. This means the discount must be a fixed dollar amount or percentage off the registration fee for the eligible class.

Fixed amount discounts can be applied per eligible item in the cart. For example, let’s say you set up a code with a limit of 5 uses that gives $10 off of a 10k registration. When I sign up both myself and my friend for the 10k and I enter the code, my cart will show $20 off ($10 for each instance of the event). If we used the same scenario, but the code was limited to one use, I would just see a $10 discount.



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