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Can You Hold My eChecks or Change My Payment Schedule?

Alternate Payment Schedule

imATHLETE sends payments to all clients on the same schedule. This means that we're not able to hold your eChecks or deposits, send payment early, or create a customized payment schedule in any way. 

Statement Cycles

As a reminder, the imATHLETE payment periods are:

  • 1st - 15th

  • 16th - last day of the month

When Do You Get Paid?

We send payment and statements two business days following the close of each statement cycle. (Remember, the statement cycles close at midnight on the last day of the period.)


If you are looking to keep the funds for an event separate from any other funds until the event closes, one potential alternative is to dedicate one bank account to the event and then set up direct deposit with imATHLETE so all the funds for the event are deposited there. 

If you just need us to send the eChecks for one event somewhere else, that's no problem. Check out how to set up multiple payees for your event.

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