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How to Integrate CrowdRise with Your Event Registration


What is CrowdRise?

CrowdRise is the world’s top fundraising site for charitable and personal causes. According to their website, "CrowdRise is about giving back, raising lots of money for great causes, and having the most fun in the world while doing it."

You can check them out at http://www.CrowdRise.com.

What does the integration do?

This integration allows you to (you guessed it) integrate CrowdRise fundraising right into your imATHLETE registration flow. Meaning, as someone is registering for your event they'll be able to choose a charity to fundraise for and then a CrowdRise fundraising page will automatically be created for them. No need for your registrants to click outside of registration to set up a fundraising page.

Nifty, yes? We think so. 

So how do you get yourself set up with this handy new tool?

Step 1 - Add your CrowdRise event to your imATHLETE account

  1. From your dashboard, click the red manage my campaigns link at the top right of the page (if you don't see this link, contact your company administrator to be sure you have fundraising access)

  1. Click the red Add a Campaign link on the left sidebar

  1. Select CrowdRise for your fundraising platform

  1. Type the name your fundraising campaign on imATHLETE (you can change it later)

  2. Choose whether or not you already a CrowdRise account

    1. If you do, click the Yes, I Do button move on to the next step

    2. If you don't, click the Nope, I Need To Set One Up button and go create your fundraising page on CrowdRise 

  1. Once you've got your fundraising URL, scroll down and enter it at the bottom of the pop up

  1. As long as the URL you entered was valid, you'll be taken back to your dashboard and will see a status of Awaiting CrowdRise Approval until CrowdRise approves the integration (usually less than two business days).  


Step 2 (optional) - Add charities to your campaign

If you have multiple charities set up in your CrowdRise event, you will see a red Add/Remove charities link next to your CrowdRise event on your imATHLETE fundraising dashboard. Click that link to add or remove charities to your campaign. These are the charities that will appear in the drop down selection for your athletes during registration. 


Step 3 - Attach the campaign to your events

Once CrowdRise approves your integration (your status will show Connected), you will see a red Add/remove imATHLETE events link next to your CrowdRise event. Click that to include the campaign during registration for your imATHLETE events. This is also where you can require that folks create a fundraising page or not. 


The registration flow

The registration flow for this is incredibly simple. For any event that you add your CrowdRise campaign to, your registrants will see two additional questions on the Personal Info page of registration:

  1. Select a charity (you can require folks to choose a charity or not)

  2. Join a fundraising team (required if someone chooses a charity)

Boom. Fundraiser setup complete. 

The registrant will receive two follow up emails:

  1. Registration confirmation from imATHLETE
  2. Fundraising confirmation from CrowdRise
The CrowdRise email looks something like this:

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