Event Director

Data Exporter

The Data Exporter feature allows you to automatically export specific pieces of data via email or FTP on a pre-determined schedule. 

To use this feature, you will need to get in touch with your CSM or with RD Support at rdsupport@imathlete.com

Here's what we'll need to get this set up.

  1. Data Requirements - Tell us what data you'd like us to send. This can be an existing report, or you can request other specific fields.

  2. File Name - What should we name the file that we send to you?

  3. Email or FTP? - We can send the data either by email or FTP.

    1. Email Requirements

      1. To Recipients

      2. CC Recipients

      3. Email Subject

      4. Email Body

      • Note: If you are looking to have a pre-existing report emailed to you, you can schedule that through your dashboard as well. Learn how here

    2. FTP Requirements

      1. Hostname/IP

      2. Port

      3. Use SSL (Yes | No)

      4. FTP Login

      5. FTP Password

      6. FTP Destination Path (Optional)

  4. When Do You Need It?

    1. Starting Time in hh:mm format

      • You may also optionally specify a starting date

    2. Ending Time in hh:mm format (optional)

      • You may also optionally specify an ending date

    3. Starting Time Zone

    4. Ending Time Zone

    5. Repeat Every: [Number]

    6. Period: (Minutes | Hours | Days | Weeks)


FTP Example

In this example, we'll automatically send the Repeat Participants by Event report to the FTP directory Imports\Repeats once per week.

  1. Data Requirements

    • Repeat Participants by Event Report

  2. File Name

    • RepeatParticipants2016.xlsx

  3. Email or FTP? 

    • FTP

    • Hostname/IP: 123.456.789.001

    • Port: 21

    • Use SSL (Yes | No): Yes

    • FTP Login: exampleperson

    • FTP Password: examplepassword

    • FTP Destination Path (Optional): Imports\RepeatParticipants

  4. How Often?

    • Starting Time: 12:00 am

    • Ending Time: none

    • Starting Time Zone: PST

    • Ending Time Zone: none

    • Repeat Every: 1

    • Period (Minutes | Hours | Days | Weeks): Weeks


Email Example

In this example, we'll set up the Registration Details report to automatically be sent via email once every thirty minutes between 9:00 am and 11:59 pm on the first day registration opens. 

  1. Data Requirements

    • Registration Details Report

  2. File Name

    • RegistrationDetails2016.xlsx

  3. Email or FTP?

    • Email

    • To Recipients: yourname@yourcompany.com

    • CC Recipients: yourboss@yourcompany.com

    • Email Subject: Monthly Registration Details Report

    • Email Body: Here is the monthly Registration Details Report.

  4. How Often?

    • Starting Time: 9:00 am on 12/01/2016

    • Ending Time: 11:59 pm on 12/01/2016

    • Starting Time Zone: PST

    • Ending Time Zone: PST

    • Repeat Every: 30

    • Period: (Minutes | Hours | Days | Weeks): Minutes

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