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What Are Your Service Fees?

What Are Your Service Fees?
imATHLETE service fees are charged as a percentage of the registration price and are set up in tiers. 

You can choose to pass the service fee along to your registrants (they'll see a service fee line item on their receipt) or include it in the cost of registration (no service fee line item on the registrant's receipt).

If you pass the service fee on to participants, they pay that fee directly to imATHLETE, so there is nothing for you to pay us.

If you include the service fee in the cost of registration, we will withhold that service fee before sending payment to you each period. (You can learn more about our statement periods here.)

You can get lower pricing when you sign a long term agreement with us, but if you'd rather just stick with the default service fees, those are:

Price of Registration Default Service Fee
$0.00 – $19.99 15.00%
$20 - $99.99 9.80%
$100 - $199.99 8.00%
$200 - $349.99 6.50%
$350+ 5.50%
Merchandise 10.00%
Donations 7.00%

Curious about a long term agreement? Drop us an email us at sales@imathlete.com and we'll be happy to send you more information. 

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