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Participant Management

How to print bib numbers

So you've already assigned bib numbers to your participants, and now you're ready to print a list of those bib numbers. You've come to the right place! You can print a custom report that shows just the informat...

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How to print unsigned USAT waivers

Still have some participants who haven't signed their USAT waivers? Not a problem! If event day comes and you still have some folks who need to sign those USAT waivers, you can print them out and have them sign...

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How to assign bib numbers

Generate and assign bib numbers to your participants using the Bib + Corral Manager. Here's how you can do that: From your dashboard click on the red Bib + Corral Manager link on the left sidebar Selec...

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How to delete a team name

If you've got a team option set up for your event, chances are you'll hear from someone who accidentally made a typo in the team name during registration and needs to a) switch to the correct team and b) make s...

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How to view incomplete registrations

If you've ever wanted to know who started registering for your event but didn't complete registration, the Incomplete Registrations report is for you. When someone completes the registration form for your eve...

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