Event Director

Event Setup: Payment Information

This is a fairly important page to fill out correctly as it determines what happens with your money. Let me break it down by the two sections:

  • Click the Add Payee button

  • If you already set up the Payee, select it from the dropdown.  If not, select Add New 

  • Fill out the form

  • IMPORTANT: Enter the name/email for all people that should receive copies of the statements 

  • Click Save Payee

ALSO IMPORTANT:  You can have multiple payees for any given event. Just make sure you indicate the % of revenue for each payee. The total % of all payees MUST equal 100%.

ALSO ALSO IMPORTANT:  We highly highly recommend you get yourself on direct deposit. You'll get your money within 1-2 business days of it being sent (as opposed to 7-10 days for a check). Click the Click here link next to where it says Would you like direct deposit and send that form to us! Did we say we highly recommend direct deposit?

Check it out:


Do you want to include the service fee in your registration or add the service fee to the registration.  Select the appropriate button.  Here's a hypothetical example for a $30 registration:

Include Fee = participant pays $30, imATHLETE sends you $27
Add Fee = participant pays $33, imATHLETE sends you $30

We recommend adding the fee. 

That's all there is to it!

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