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USA Triathlon (USAT) questions in registration

Psst - you may have heard that USAT membership prices increased on January 1st, 2016. Not to worry! We've got you covered. On January 1st, the membership and pricing changes silently went live on our system, so as long as you've set up the USAT association in your event setup, you're good to go! You do not need to do anything extra on your end. The changes integrate directly with your USAT Accounting Form.

If you're looking to do a little more reading on the USAT changes, they have some excellent resources here

Back to our regularly scheduled programming...

imATHLETE works very closely with USA Triathlon in order to make your life, and that of your participants, a much happier, easier existence. You can call us co-dependent if you want, but our primary goal is for you to be happy.

When you indicate on imATHLETE that your event is USAT sanctioned, we automatically include the USAT membership questions in registration. There is nothing you need to do. We:

  • Validate they are USA Triathlon members (cross check USAT #, first name, last name, and date of birth)

  • Have them renew if their membership expires before race day

  • Give them the option to buy one day licenses (or an annual membership)

  • Integrate directly with USAT's database to ensure real time validation

  • Remove any USAT membership checks from packet pick-up


USAT membership purchases/renewals take one day to update. For instance, if an athlete renews her membership today while registering for an event, the membership will be updated as renewed the following day. 

Here is what the USAT questions look like on the registration form:

Need to indicate your event is USAT sanctioned?  Learn how to do that here.

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