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Reports: Registration Method

A long, long time ago, in an era known as the 20th century, people used to write with items called pens and pencils.  To register for a race, they would fill out a piece of paper and mail it, with a check or cash included, directly to the event.  

I know, I know... this is very hard to believe.  But trust me on this one, it actually happened.

Then, of course, the world wide Interweb was created and the process of registration changed.  But, alas, certain people still like to send in paper registrations.  In fact, we still get up to 3% of participants mailing in checks. That's why imATHLETE allows you to
let people pay by check (and not burden you at all with the data entry).

The Registration Method Report allows you to analyze registrations by the method they paid (online, manual entry by you or mail-in check to imATHLETE).

  • Click Reports from your main navigation bar
  • Click Registration Method in the Other Reports box 

Manual Entry Information
See the info about all the registrations you manually enter to determine whether or not it's better to drive them online.

Year Over Year
Analyze year over year trends to see how many participants are actually registering online. 



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