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Reports: Class Change

As you probably know by now, you can let participants change classes/races on their own.  In fact, you can even generate extra revenue from it.  Once somebody changes Class, your participant data (in Participant Details) will reflect the new Class they are now in. 

You can always hop on over (and we use that metaphorically only) to the Class Change Report to see who which classes people are changing from/to.


All The Details You Should Need
Not only do we show you the participant's name, their old Class and new Class, but we give you their confirmation code and the date/time they made the change as well as the name of the person who actually made the change.

You can easily export the report and bring it to packet pick-up as backup.  Who knows, maybe somebody will have forgotten they made the switch - and you can remind them with the exact date and time they did it.


  • Click Reports from your main navigation bar
  • Click Class Change in the Other Reports box under Registration Details



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