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Reporting: Merchandise + E-Commerce

Let me be blunt:  if you're not selling merchandise, you're leaving money on the table.  Period.

Because of how much we value e-commerce (and because of the amount of revenue some companies are generating for themselves), we have some pretty deep e-commerce functionality.  Not the least of which is the Merchandise + E-Commerce Report.


Summary By Event
If you're selling merchandise items across numerous events, this report can break down your event-specific purchases for you.  That way you can see which participants tend to buy more merchandise.

Popular Sales Dates
See which days of the week are more popular for you to sell merchandise.  Keep track of how you've done on CyberMonday year over year.

Rev Share Sales
See how much you've sold from rev share merchandise and the commissions you're making from it.

Consumer Location
Quickly find out where your consumers are located.  Maybe there is a hotspot somewhere in the country that loves to buy your merchandise!

  • Click Reports from your main navigation bar
  • Scroll down to the Merchandise + E-Commerce section and click View Report


* Reports Overview - the reports homepage with links to all reports
* Event Marketing Report - track your ROI for all marketing activities
* Registration Details - aggregate registration info for an event, incl. year over year comparisons
* Other Reports - a plethora of cool reports you should check out, including...
* ...How many times people participated in your events - yup, look at it.  It's pretty cool.

* Custom Questions - aggregate results for each custom question (like t-shirt size)
* Cancellation + Deferrals - everybody who cancelled/deferred including when and why
Revenue Details - drill down to see where money came from for each statement
* Class Change - see everybody who moved from one race/class to another
* Custom Participant Details Reports - create your own reports in Participant Details
USA Triathlon Accounting Form - easily create and submit your post-race accounting to USAT
* Registration Method - breakdown of online vs manual vs check registrations


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