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Reporting: USA Triathlon (USAT) Accounting Form

Psst - you may have heard that USAT membership prices increased on January 1st, 2016. Not to worry! We've got you covered. On January 1st, the membership and pricing changes silently went live on our system, so as long as you've set up the USAT association in your event setup, you're good to go! You do not need to do anything extra on your end. The changes integrate directly with your USAT Accounting Form.

If you're looking to do a little more reading on the USAT changes, they have some excellent resources here

Back to our regularly scheduled programming...

Way back in 2008, imATHLETE had the idea to automate the entire USAT membership reporting process for event organizers.  Fortunately, USAT also thought it was a good idea.  So we built the online membership validation process for them.  And then we created the Post Race Accounting Form submission.

Now, imATHLETE makes the USAT process even easier than ever.  No participant lines for USAT at packet pickup.  And it takes you seconds - literally - to submit your USAT accounting.  


Auto-Fills Online Purchases

No need for you to count how many annuals and one-days you've sold online.  imATHLETE automatically fills it in for you.  

Calculates How Much You Owe
Just plug in how many one-days or annuals you sold yourself and, bing-bang-boom, we calculate how much in USAT fees have been generated for the event, and how much you owe USAT.

Submit To USAT
Yup, there's a "Submit to USAT" button right there on the form.  Once you've got the form completed, just click that button and - zooop! - it gets sent directly to USAT.

Export To USAT Form
There's also an export button there.  When you click it your information will magically export right into the official USAT Accounting Form.  Crazy, huh?  We thought so too.

Save And Continue
Let's say you start filling out the USAT Accounting form but then somebody comes by with homemade chocolate chip cookies. Just click the "Save" button and come back later to finish up after you're done with milk and cookies.



  • Click Reports from your main navigation bar

  • Scroll down to the USAT section at the bottom

  • Click Create USAT Accounting Form to create a new one, or edit to continue an existing one

  • HINT: If you don't see the USAT Accounting Form, your company administrator will need to adjust your permissions so that you have access to the report

Memberships with a status of Pending will not be included in this report. You can view a participant's membership status in participant details using the Select Columns feature to show the column USAT Status.

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