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Reporting: Revenue Details

Let's say you wanted to figure out some details about the revenue you're generating. Wouldn't it be great to have a Revenue Details Report?  Well, my friend, your wish has come true.
The Revenue Details shows you all of the revenue that has been generated at three different levels:
  1. Each Event
  2. Each Class within an Event
  3. Each Individual within a Class

​So let's say you want to reconcile your statement?  Yup, the Revenue Details Report is where you go.


Drill Down or Roll Up
Whether you're a drill down or roll-up person, this report has the data for you. With just a click you can go from a summary of revenue for all your events down to individual registrant transactions.

Class Changes
Revenue you're making from class changes is included in this report. (Wait, you're not making revenue from class changes?!  Go read this)

The report helps you understand where your revenue is coming from for each statement period.


  • Click Reports from your main navigation bar

  • Click Revenue Details in the Other Reports box under Registration Details


Statement View
The Revenue Details report only shows revenue by statement dates.  

The Export button will only export data from whatever view your currently viewing.

Refunds + Merchandise Fees
There are two line items that are *not* currently included in the revenue details:  refunds + merchandise fees. Both of those will appear in your actual statements. 

Class Changes

You may see some numbers in blue and black in the reporting. When a participant changes classes, their number will show in blue under the new class and black in the old class. The new class will display totals for the new class fee - original class fee + class change fee.

For example, let's assume class A costs $50, class B costs $60, and you charge a class change fee of $5. If a participant changed from class A to class B, reporting would show $15 in revenue for class B, and $50 in revenue for class A.


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