Add a New Event Contact/Administrator

imATHLETE has a really nifty contact manager that not only allows you to give different people access to your account, but - and this is the cool part, so get ready - you can easily define which areas you want and don’t want to grant somebody access.

So, for instance, you can give somebody the ability to manage your participant data, but make sure they don’t have access to any financials. Check it out here:

  1. Click the Settings link on the left side bar on your dashboard
  2. Click Contact Manager
  3. Click either the “Add Contact” or "Add Timing Company" button (**see below)
  4. Enter the person’s information and responsibility level
  5. Indicate whether they are the primary contact for your account
  6. Click “Continue
  7. Indicate whether they should have “Admin” status or “Custom Event Access
  8. If “Custom Event Access”, select the events and the access level for each
  9. Click Save

The contact will automatically be notified of their login information with a temporary password. Once they login, they will have access to whatever areas they've been granted.

NOTE: This process adds a new user to imATHLETE. If a person already has a user account, you would have to add them as a Timing Company as a temporary work around.

** Add Contact = inviting somebody who doesn't already have an imATHLETE account

** Add Timing Company = adding a timer or a race director that already has an imATHLETE account