Add an Event Logo

We highly recommend you add your logo to your event. Seriously, you really need to do that. If no logo is added to your event, the lovely imATHLETE logo will serve as a placeholder, but though we adore our logo, we’d all prefer to have your logo displayed. Just follow these directions:

1. Go into Event Setup (from your Dashboard, click the edit link to the right of your event name)

2. Click the Uploads link on the left side

3. In the section called Upload Logo, click on the link that says Click to Upload

  • Hint: You can only have one logo per event. If you do not see the Click to Upload link, click the red delete link beneath the existing logo.

4. Click the browse button to select an image from your hard drive

5. Select your image file

  • Hint #1: For best results, make sure your image is a square
  • Hint #2: Any image file will work (png, jpg, etc). PDF will not work.
  • Hint #3: Your file must be less than 1 mb in size

6. Click the Upload button

  • Note: If the entire logo doesn’t appear, just click and drag on the photo to Save the Thumbnail

7. Once your logo has been uploaded click Save & Continue


Don't see Click to Upload? No worries!