Add My Event Waiver

imATHLETE, by default, includes a standard waiver in all registrations. If you are putting on a USA Triathlon-sanctioned event, we will also, by default, include the USAT waiver in all of your registrations.

If you want, you can override the imATHLETE waiver and add your own. Here’s how:

  1. Go into Event Setup (from your Dashboard, click the edit link to the right of your event name)
  2. Click the Event Properties link on the left side of the page
  3. Add your waiver text in the Participant Waiver text box. You can either add your waiver above the imATHLETE waiver, or replace the whole thing. Be sure to include “I Am Athlete” in the list of companies not held liable.
  4. Click Save, and you're all set!

Your waiver will now be in the registration process.

Once you saved the update to your waiver, you'll be able to see a history of the time and date each time the waiver was changed along with a link to the previous text. It'll look something like this:


HINT: The Waiver section accepts basic HTML, in case you want to be all fancy and add bold, italics, links or other similar formatting.