Add My Timing Company to imATHLETE

Did you try to grant access to your timing company and they weren’t listed there? If you have no clue what I’m talking about, do this quickly:

  1. From your main dashboard, click the "Settings" link on the left
  2. Click "Contact Manager"
  3. Click the “Add Timing Company” button
  4. Look at the list of timers

If your timing company isn’t listed there, it’s easy to get them added. Just copy this wording into an email and send it over to your timing company contact:


I’d like to give you direct access to our participant data on imATHLETE. However, in order for me to do this I need you to create a Timer account on imATHLETE. It’s very simple and only takes ~90 seconds. Here’s how…

  • Go to
  • Click “Sign Up
  • Select “Company” as the account type
  • Complete the two page sign-up process
  • ​Enter your Company information and "Save & Continue"

Let me know when you’re done. That will add you to the timer directory and then I can grant you access to our event!