Announcements: what are Announcements and how do I set them up?

Announcements are messages that you want to share with your participants. Messages could be information about multi-event discounts, special event-specific info or anything else you want to share.

Announcements can be included in a few different areas of the site:

  • First page of registration - the place where participants select their race distance/class
  • Upsell page of registration - the place where participants review their cart and are told about other events before they enter their billing info
  • Confirmation receipt - the confirmation receipt that all participants are emailed after they register
  • Donation receipt - the confirmation receipt donors receive after making a donation
  • Public participant list - the public list of participants who have registered for your event (the People tab on your event page)
  • Personal Info page of registration - the place participants enter their personal information
  • Merchandise page of registration - the place participants are offered merchandise to purchase
  • Manage Registration page - the place participants make edits to their completed registrations
  • Event Store page - the public Event Store (the Store tab on your event page)​

To Add an Announcement:

  1. On the left side of your dashboard go to Marketing then click on the Announcements link.
  2. Select the event for which you’d like to add an Announcement
  3. Click the Add Announcement button
  4. Select the location you want the text to show up
  5. Enter your message in the Copy box
  6. If you only want the message to appear for a certain period of time, you can set a start & end date (otherwise just leave that section blank)
  7. Even though you selected which event the announcement was for, it will default to show up on ALL events > make sure to select the radio button “Only the following events” if you want to limit the event where your message shows up
  8. Click Save

You can then go to the registration page and see how it looks!

HINT: You can use basic HTML in the Announcements section if you want to add bold, italics, underline, change font size, add an image or other similar fun formatting activities. See: Can I use HTML?

Here's what the process might look like: