Announcements: What are Notifications and how do I set them up?

Notifications set up within Announcements are custom emails that are automatically sent to participants right after they complete registration. They are sent in addition to the standard confirmation email. Here's how you can set these up: ​

  • From your dashboard, on the left sidebar click on Marketing then go to the Announcements link.
  • Select an event from the Event drop down menu
  • Click the Add Notification button
  • Enter your Subject Line and Email Body
  • You can Preview your email or send yourself a Test using the buttons on the top right of the email editor
  • Scroll to the bottom to choose who should receive this notification. Choose All under Available Classes to send to each participant who signs up for your event. Choose Specific Classes if you'd like to send a different message to different participant classes
  • Click Save when finished.
  • Once everything looks good, click the Return to Announcements + Notifications link at the very top of the page to be sure your new notification is active.
  • If the status is 'Deactivated' just click the red activate link to the right, and you're all set!

HINT: If you're using a banner image in your post registration emails, we've found that an image width of 800 pixels tends to fit nicely. The height can vary, but we've seen good results with heights around 215 pixels.