Use Athlete Finder to Search Across Events

Search for athletes, access registration histories, track class changes, and view receipts.

The Athlete Finder streamlines inquiries. There's no need to know which race or which event to search to locate a particular athlete. That's a huge help for those inevitable and vague race day/packet pickup questions. It puts all the information you need at your fingertips including event registration history, class change histories, and receipts.

Try it out! From your RD Dashboard, go to your left-side navigation menu, then select Events >> Athlete Finder. Alternatively, you'll see a global search bar at the top of your Event Summary grid.

AF Overview

Enter two or more characters of the first or last name in the search box, and click Search. This will bring up the Athlete View. 

Athlete View

Now use the header column to reduce the results. You can sort by column by clicking the dropdown menu arrow next to any attribute in the header or filter the column by typing the desired attribute into the search box in the column header. 

AF Athlete View

You can also add additional search criteria:

AF Additional Search

Access the Event View for an athlete by clicking in the # Events column.

Event View

This lists the event(s) the selected participant has entered. From here, you can view the receipt or edit registration by clicking the gear in the left-hand column.

AF Additional Search

If the athlete shows class changes (1 or greater), a click in the # Class Changes column will bring up the Class View tab.

Class View

This tab shows the class changes including previous and new class values. The receipt link brings up the receipt that corresponds to the Previous Class Value. The receipt for the current class can be accessed in the Event View.

AF Class Change

Pro Tip: You can adjust the width of columns by hovering over the vertical separation lines, clicking and dragging to desired width. 

With the Athlete Finder and its associated filters, it's quick to drill down to the right participant and get the information you need - and they need - to make a happy athlete!