Auto Apply Discount + Invitation Code

Ever wanted to have one code that automatically applies both an invitation code and a discount code? Well, then, this is for you!

This feature must be enabled by imATHLETE. Contact us if you'd like to get this set up for your company!

Not sure what the difference is between a discount and invitation code? Discount code = issue a discount. Invitation code = unlock a hidden registration class.

We've made this a quick and easy process for you, especially if you're already comfortable creating discount and invitation codes. 

The process

  1. Create the invitation code (see these instructions)
  2. Create a Fixed Amount or Comp discount code (see these instructions)
  3. Associate the discount code with the invitation code (see below)
  4. Distribute the invitation code (or use that handy link that already includes the invitation code)
  5. Sit back and admire your work!

Got your invitation and discount codes created? Good!

How to associate the codes with each other

  1. Make sure you're viewing your discount codes (not invitation codes)
  2. Click the red Add Invite link below your discount code. (Hint: If you've already associated an invitation code with this discount code, no worries! Just click the red number, and you can add additional invitation codes.)
  3. Add your invitation code in the box at the bottom and click Add
  4. Check or uncheck the box next to "Display Error when Discount Code Expires?" If you leave this box checked and someone tries to use the discount code after it has expired, they will see a more specific error message, "This discount code has expired." If you uncheck this box and someone tries to use the discount code after it has expired, they will see a more generic error message, "This discount code could not be applied at this time."
  5. Close out of the box to return to the discounts page, and you're set!

Managing the associated codes

You can change your associations at any time. Just head over to your discounts page and click on the red number next to Invite Code: (#).

On the editor that pops up, you can remove an invitation, add another invitation code, and change whether or not you'd like to display an error message if the discount code has expired.

The process looks something like this:





Tips and tricks

  • You may want to use an invitation code link to share this new code. It will eliminate the bulk of user error you could see from folks typing in the code manually. Learn how to do that here.
  • ​You can add multiple invitation codes to a discount, but you cannot add multiple discounts to an invitation code. Once you've associated an invitation code with a discount code, that invitation code can not be associated with another discount code
  • This can only be used if there is no more than one registration in the cart
  • This can only be used for Fixed Amount or Comp discount codes
  • If your discount code has expired and you decide to reactivate it, you will need to add the invitation code to that discount code again
  • When using this feature, the Register More People option will be disabled