Cancel a Participant's Registration

Need to cancel a participant’s registration? Not a problem!

1. From your Dashboard click on the red Participant Details link to the right of the event name

2. Search for the participant you wish to cancel

3. Click on the participant's name once. The row will become highlighted.

4. Click on the red Cancel/Refund Participant link that magically appears above

5. Choose which action you would like to take in the Cancel/Refund Participant window:

    • Cancel Only - just cancel the registration. Do not issue any discount codes or refunds.
    • Cancel + Discount Code - Cancel the registration and offer the participant a discount code good to use on a future registration with your company. You decide the amount of the discount.
    • Cancel + Refund - Cancel the registration and issue a refund. You decide how much.
    • Refund Only - Don't cancel the registration, just issue a refund. You decide how much.

6. If you'd like for us to send a cancellation confirmation email to the participant, keep the box checked. If you like to keep things mysterious, uncheck.

7. Select a reason for the cancellation

8. Click Save, and you're set!

Note: When in Participant Details if you ever wish to search for a canceled participant, just click the Include Canceled Participants check box in the bottom left hand corner of the page. By clicking that, canceled participants will appear in red (organized by the date that they registered).