Change / edit my name on a registration

We understand that sometimes when you are breezing through registration you may mistakenly spell something incorrectly like, say, your name. I mean, seriously, how are we expected to spell our name correctly every single time?! Easy mistake, easy fix. : )

All name change requests, especially for USA Triathlon events, must get the event organizer's approval.

What you’ll have to do is contact the event organizer. Here's how:

  • go to
  • search for the event
  • click on the event name
  • on the left side of the event overview page you'll find the event contact information
  • email the event organizer and cc: (that way, if the request is approved we can quickly change it for you).

We require you to contact the event organizer for your safety and security. It's so some random person can't come up, without your approval, and tell us that the name on *your* registration needs to be changed.

It also prevents unauthorized registration transfers. A registration transfer involves giving your registration spot to another athlete. Most events have a specific transfer policy and procedure for this, and letting folks change the name on their registrations would allow them to circumvent that process.