Change my race distance

One of the wonderful things about imATHLETE (sure we're a bit biased, but this is still true), is that we give you 24/7 access to manage your registration yourself. This includes letting you change the race you signed up for - as long as the event organizer allows it.Just follow the exhilarating steps below and you’ll be all set with your new distance!

How to change your distance or class

  • Go to the Manage Registration page (you can also find this by going to and clicking the link on the top to edit your registration)
  • Enter your confirmation number (this can be found on your receipt, in bold, next to the participant name field). Can't find your confirmation code? Learn how here.
  • If changes are allowed, you'll see an option to click CHANGE
  • Once loaded, click on the drop down for Select New Registration Type. You will then select the new class/race associated with the distance you want to participate in
  • Click on Make the Change
    • You may be prompted to pay more if the class/race is more expensive than what you paid for. That total will be listed in brackets if there is a difference. If the new class is less expensive, you will not automatically be refunded. Check this out for more information on how refunds are handled.


Once you’ve gone through and paid any new applicable charges, you'll be all set and will have been moved over to your new class/race.

I don't see the option to CHANGE. What do I do?

If you do not see CHANGE on the manage registration page, it means the event organizer has disabled that option. You will need to contact the event organizer directly to process the change for you. Here's how to find their contact information.