Collect Donations in Registration

So you want to collect donations during the registration process, eh? Not a problem.

While you could create a fundraising campaign, it may be easier for you to simply set up donations as a merchandise item during the registration process. Here's how to collect donations from participants during the registration process:


  • Click Ecommerce > Merchandise Manager link on the left side of your dashboard
  • Click the Add New Item button
  • Select Donation as the Item Category and Charitable Donation as the Type
  • Fill out the form (see instructions below)
  • Click Save
  • Go back to the Merchandise Manager page
  • To the right of the item select add/remove from events
  • Select the event you'd like to add this donation option to
  • Select to include the item in either Registration the Event Store, or both
  • Optional, enter start and end dates
  • Click Save and - voila! - you’ve done it! ​

The “Collect Donation In Registration” Set-Up Form

  • Headline: Make this your first call to action (e.g. Donate To This Cause!)
  • Non-Profit Name: Enter the beneficiary (e.g. Wounded Warrior Foundation)
  • Description: Let people know a little more about the cause they are donating too and why they will be a better person for making a donation. (Hint: you can include basic HTML in this section, like bold, italics, hyperlinks, etc.)
  • Availability: Do you want to stop collecting donations at some point or keep it open all the time?
  • Featured Item: If you’re selling other merchandise or collecting other donations, the featured items will always appear on the top in a bigger box.
  • Custom Questions: Need to ask additional questions beyond the basics? Just click “Add Another Question”
  • Notifications: If anybody should be notified about donations, click Add New Notification, enter their name and indicate the frequency of the notification (daily, weekly or monthly).