Create a Multi-Event Discount Code

Give a discount to participants who sign up for more than one of your events.

Need a way to reward repeat participants? Or encourage folks to sign up for more than one of your events? Let me introduce you to the multi-event discount code.

They will not need to sign up for all events in the same transaction, but they will need to use the same information (first name, last name, email address) if they sign up in separate transactions. 

There's no need to worry about the discount code getting into the wrong hands--it'll only work if all of the event criteria you specify is met.

The discount amount is only applied one time, not per event. For instance, if you require someone to register for five events in order to receive a $5 discount, once that person registers for the fifth event, she would receive just one $5 discount (not a $25 discount).

Keep in mind that the discounted amount cannot exceed the amount that is in the cart. For instance, if the discount is for $45, but there are only $35 in registrations in the cart, the registrant will just receive that $35 discount. 

Here's how to set up a multi-event discount code:

1. From your dashboard click on the Tools link on the left sidebar then click Registration Codes

2. Click on the Add New Discount button


3. Choose Multi-Event Discount for the Code Type

4. Enter in the rest of your discount criteria

5. Uncheck the All Events check box and select only the events you'd like to include in this discount. Or select all if you really want, it's up to you


6. Click Save, and you're all set!​​

Need to make a change?

Not a problem! Just double click the code in the discount code manager and make your changes.


Reporting + How the Discount is Applied

  • The multi-event discount is reported as used per eligible cart item. So, if there are five eligible registrations in the cart and the code is applied to that cart, it will appear in reporting as five uses. If there is only one event in the cart, it will appear as one use. The dollar amount used will appear in reporting as the dollar amount discounted in the cart
  • When the discount code is added, it will apply to the first registration in the cart. If the amount of the discount is greater than the cost of the first registration, it will apply the remaining discount amount to the next registration in the cart, and so on until the discount has been entirely used or there are no remaining items in the cart
  • If an athlete purchases registrations for eligible events in multiple transactions, they can use a different discount code in another transaction and receive the multi-event discount on their final transaction. 

Some tips:​

  • Multi-event discount codes only work for events you've already created
  • The events have to be listed in the same company
  • Events have to be stand-alone events. This means that if you upgrade your event each year, previous years cannot be used as one of the required events