Delete my imATHLETE account

We really hate to see you go. Before you do, I want to make sure you know some of the benefits of keeping an imATHLETE account:

  • See all of your events and easily manage your registrations.
  • Ability to see what events your friends are doing.
  • See if you're racing against your main rivals
  • Connect with what other participants are doing and keep updated
  • Get access to exclusive deals and special offers
  • You do *not* need to delete your membership in order to stop getting emails.

Still want to delete your imATHLETE account? No problem. Someone from the imATHLETE support team can do that for you. Just send an email to and we will delete your account.

Even though you may leave us now you are always welcomed back in the future. We won’t hold a grudge like your high schools bitter rival.