Types of Discount, Comp, and Coupon Codes

All about comp codes, gift codes, multi-event discounts, multi-reg discounts, merchandise codes, and more!

imATHLETE has quite a few different types of codes that can be used to help grow your event. Keep in mind, we’re a bit unique in how the codes work, so pay attention below because there are a lot of hints that can help you generate more revenue.


Reduces the entry fee to $0. With a $0 entry, there is no service charge. Comp codes can be restricted at the event level. 

Helpful Hint: the comp code does *not* stop participants from paying any additional fees (e.g. merchandise, USA Triathlon membership or anything similar). The Comp Code is just about the entry fee.


Reduces the shopping cart amount by whatever dollar amount or percentage you indicated. Fixed amount discount codes can be restricted to specifics registration classes. Learn how to do that here.

Helpful Hint: The code will apply to all relevant instances in the cart, assuming the limit is high enough.  For instance, let’s say you set up a code with a limit of 5 uses, to give $10 off of Event X registration.  When I sign up both myself and my friend for Event X and I enter the code, my cart will show $20 off ($10 for each instance of the event).


Like a gift card, if I have $100 in a gift code and I register for a $60 event, I will still have $40 I can use.

Helpful Hint #1: Gift codes can only be applied to entry fees, not to merchandise or USA Triathlon fees.

Helpful Hint #2: As I mentioned, gift codes are like gift cards. Many imATHLETE clients sell gift certificates to their events, especially around the holiday season. These are done with gift codes. Learn more by seeing Can I set up and sell gift certificates


Allows you to give a discount when people sign up for more than one of your events.

Helpful Hint: You don’t have to require people to register for all of the events at once. When entering the code, imATHLETE will magically determine whether the person already registered for the required events necessary to access the discount.  

So, for instance, after this month’s event, you can give all those participants a special, limited time only discount to next month’s event.  Only those that did this month’s event will be eligible to get the discount.

Note: multi-event discounts do not work with upgraded events. To offer a multi-event discount, each event needs to be it's own separate event.

Learn how to set up a multi-event discount code here.


Allows you to give a discount to anyone who completes multiple registrations in the same transaction for the same event. Most commonly used to encourage folks to sign up friends and family while registering for themselves or to encourage folks to sign up for multiple distances within the same event. 

Learn the ins and outs of Multi-Registration Discount Codes here.


Allows you to give a discount when people buy specific merchandise items.

Helpful Hint #1:  Whatever items you add to the list must be purchased in order to be eligible for the code.  For instance, to do a Buy-One-Get-One Free (BOGO) of your Tech Shirt, you would set up the code to indicate that the consumer gets 50% off if they buy 2 Tech Shirts.

Helpful Hint #2: Merchandise codes can be automatically applied.  Meaning, you don’t have to require people to enter a code - as long as they have the requisite items in their cart, the code gets automatically applied.