Does imATHLETE have a volunteer platform?

Why yes we do!  In fact, we've got the best in the business (says the person who is a bit biased).  You've actually got a couple of different volunteer options with imATHLETE.

Many events utilize imATHLETE's event set-up system to create a volunteer sign-up form.  It's very effective for small events (<100 volunteers) and it's pretty darn cost effective, if you consider "free" as cost effective.


That said, we've got a great partnership with VolunteerLocal, who are the leader in volunteer management technology.  They have an extremely robust volunteer platform that gives you the flexibility to meet your needs, whether you've got a small event or large one.  VolunteerLocal clients include Twin Cities in Motion, USA Triathlon, Pittsburgh Marathon, Vancouver Marathon and many more.

So Tell Me, How Much Does It Cost?

Nada.  Nothing.  $0.  Free.  Yes, they have a free option.
If you want a few more features, you can use their paid version, which is extremely cost effective.

Do imATHLETE Clients Get A Discount?


I'm so glad you asked, 'cause the answer is HECK YEAH!!  imATHLETE has a special discount offer for our clients only:  10% off the Discovery options and 15% off the Growth options.* 

Just click here to learn more about VolunteerLocal and get started!

* This is discount is good for first time (totally new to VolunteerLocal) users only.