Email Marketing with imATHLETE



When athletes sign up for an event on imATHLETE, they have the option to create an imATHLETE account (except for Canadian events). When they create an account, they also have the option to opt in to receiving email marketing messages from us. 

From time to time, we will email our users who have opted in to receiving email from us regarding events in their area that they might be interested in participating in.

If you are an event organizer, we offer the option for imATHLETE to promote your event via email to our users, who are athletes.

Here's how that works:


  1. You contact your CSM or and let us know you're interested in doing an email marketing send
  2. We will ask you for the details including the geographic target range.
  3. We will provide an estimated cost of the send (see more on specifications and pricing below)
  4. Once we have the particulars worked out, we'll schedule a send date and time
  5. You send the creative to us at least 5 business days prior to the scheduled send deadline (see Content Requirements below for more)
  6. imATHLETE creates the email and sends a draft for your approval
  7. Once approved, the email is scheduled to send on the agreed upon date
  8. We will follow up with you by email within one week after the send with performance metrics and an invoice


​In order to schedule an email marketing send, we'll need to know all of the information below:

  1. Your marketing objective - what are you looking to get out of the send?
  2. Target audience - which geographical region would you like for us to target?
  3. Send date and time
  4. Subject line - do you already have a subject line in mind? If not, we can help create one
  5. One clear call to action - what do you want the person reading the email to do? To be most effective, each email should only have ONE action (e.g., register now, donate now, learn more)
  6. Which event are you promoting? - To be most effective, there should be no more than one event, promotion, or offer per email
  7. Relevant content - What do you want to say about your event? The content must be concise, and must be tailored to the imATHLETE audience. The email is being sent from imATHLETE to imATHLETE users and not from your event to imATHLETE users. The content should reflect this.
  8. Event photos and logos - We'll use your branded event photos and logos to keep your event's branding consistent. Photos and logos should match the branding you use on your registration page and event website. Important Note: photos with a portrait orientation (the width is smaller than the height) do not work well in email marketing messages and will likely not be used if submitted to us. 
  9. Tracking URLs - This could be an Event Marketing Link (highly recommended) or UTM codes via Google Analytics. Either way, we recommend using tracking links so that you can track the effectiveness of your email marketing efforts.


Typically $0.27 per unique open for imATHLETE Clients; and $0.30 per unique open for Non-Clients. Contact us for a quote.

We invoice within one week after the send and payment is due within 15 days of receipt. 

Send Date and Time

While we try to accommodate all requests for send date and time, we may sometimes request alternate dates, depending on availability.

Content Requirements

These guidelines help ensure each email is delivered to the inbox, and may change over time as the needs of our company or the nature of email marketing changes.

  1. The content must be relevant to the imATHLETE audience which includes endurance athletes predominantly in running, cycling, and triathlon sports. 
  2. The email body must contain a mix of images and text. No all-image emails as most popular email providers block images by default, which can result in higher spam complaints and prevents users from seeing your message.
  3. The subject line must identify your event and entice the reader to open the message. 
  4. Alt text is required for all images. This is the text that renders when images are disabled. 
  5. Shortened URLs (including are not allowed. These are commonly used by spammers and hurt deliverability with major inbox providers.
  6. Images should be 600px wide and under 200kb in size. 
  7. Email collateral must be submitted a minimum of five business days prior to the agreed upon send date in order to guarantee that the email will go out on the agreed upon date. This allows time for the email to be set up, tested, revised, and approved before the send deadline. 
  8. Final approval of the draft email must be received at least 24 hours before the agreed upon send date.

We reserve the right to edit any aspect of the email (including subject lines, content, calls to action, and photos) if they do not meet the criteria above, however you will always have the opportunity to review and approve all final copy. The email will not be sent until we receive your final approval. 

Email Marketing Best Practices

  1. Know exactly what you want to get out of your email campaign before requesting the send​
  2. Keep the copy clear and concise 
  3. Know what action you want the email reader to take, and make it very clear and easy to do
  4. Limit calls to action to one per email
  5. Keep the image and branding consistent between the email and the page the user clicks through to

Email Performance

A variety of factors determine the success of your email. Using a compelling subject line, imagery, content, and call to action all help make your email a success.

The average unique open rate for an email from imATHLETE is 20%. 

We will follow up with you within one week after the send goes out with performance metrics for your send. These typically include:

  1. Number of emails delivered
  2. Total opens and total open rate
  3. Unique opens and unique open rate
  4. Total clicks and total click rate
  5. Unique clicks and unique click rate
  6. Unique click to open ratio