Enter an offline/manual registration

Because we don’t want you to type a lot, we’ve made the manual adding of offline participants very simple. Don’t believe us? Check it out...

  • On your Dashboard, click the “Add Participants” link on the far right of your event name. If you’re already on Participant Details, click “Add Participant” button on the top right
  • Enter the participant's information in the fields on the right of the pop-up. Don’t forget to click the “Event Info” tab and enter the data there too!
  • Click “Save” and they are entered!

See, I told you it was simple!​

Tips + Tricks

  • Autofill: Search for their name on the left side of the Add Participant pop-up. Click on the participants name and all the fields on the right will magically autofill.
  • Participant Help: Don’t know the participants t-shirt size, emergency info or other facts? Click the checkbox at the bottom of the pop-up requesting the participant review changes and they will be sent an email with instructions on how to review and edit their info.
  • Waiver: After you enter the participant info, don’t forget to send them an email with a link to sign the waiver! (see “Get participants to sign unsigned waivers”)