Can't Find Event in USAT Database

It sounds like you may have gone into Event Setup and then to the Associations page and searched for your USA Triathlon sanctioned event but you didn’t see the event listed in any of the results. No need to fear. Let’s figure this out together:

Step 1: Get an USAT Event ID

Have you set up your event within USAT sanctioning? If not, you just need to get the event name into USAT’s database. You do *NOT* have to complete sanctioning to connect your registration to USAT. All you have to do is complete the first page of sanctioning, which will get you a USAT event ID.

You must have received an USAT Event ID to show up in the search

Step 2: Search by City, Not Event Name

So you already set up the event in USAT and got a USAT Event ID? OK, no problem…

  • On the Associations page of imATHLETE, search for the city your event is in (not the event ID)
  • See too many results? Try the most unique word in the title of your event

One Event ID, Multiple Events

If you've got USAT sanctioning for something like a series of camps (one USAT Event ID, multiple events), you'll want to look for this Association by name. USAT sanctions multiple events by event name, so as long as the title of the event in the Associations tab matches the title of your event on the first page of your USAT sanctioning application, you are all set. The date listed on the Associations tab can safely be ignored as long as the name is correct.

If that still didn’t work, please contact us at