Event Setup: Associations

Is your event sanctioned by USA Triathlon? If not, click "none" and continue forward. If your event is sanctioned by USA Triathlon...

  • Click the USA Triathlon radio button
  • If your event name automatically appears in a blue background, skip to the last step below.  Otherwise...
  • Search for your event in the USAT database using the search tool​
  • Click on the event name (when you find it)
  • Click Save and Continue
  • You're now connected to USAT!

HINT:  When you search for your event in the USAT database, search for the city where the event is located - not the event name. It's much easier to find the event that way!

Can't find the event in USAT's database? No need to fear, here is what you do when you can't find the event in USAT's database.​