Event Setup: Classes + Categories

Classes + Categories is where you set up the registration price levels, registration dates and associated information. Here's what I suggest you do (you can follow the steps below, or go right to the video at the bottom - they describe the same thing):

  • Click the Add a Participant Class button
  • Select the Class Name or choose "Custom / Other" to customize the name ----->
  • If you selected Individual or Other above, select the appropriate Sport and Race from the drop down lists
  • Indicate if it's an individual registration or team related
              (see Team registration options)
  • Select or create any Categories
              (see What Categories do I need?)
  • Indicate if you have minimum/maximum ages for this Class
  • Indicate if there is a registration limit for this Class
  • If there is a limit, do you want to show a countdown of remaining slots?
              (see Show a countdown of remaining slots in registration)
  • Click the box if you want to hide the class
              (see Hide or unhide a registration class from the public)
  • Click the Price Levels tab
  • Add the first price, the name of the price and the date/time it starts and ends
  • Click Add Additional Price to add any different price levels
  • Need to add Waves/Heats? See Managing Waves/Heats
  • Click Save This Class

You've created your first registration Class, congratulations! Just click the Add a Participant Class button to add any other Classes you need.

Check out this video that wraps it all together so nicely.

Click here to learn about the Advanced Settings on Participant Classes.  

You may also want to check out What is Rapid Registration and how do I use it?

HINT:  They're worth looking at!