Event Setup: Classes + Categories - Advanced Settings

So here you are, you've set up your Classes + Categories and are ready for the Advanced Settings. Now the fun stuff begins.  

To get to the Classes + Categories - Advanced Settings

  • Go into Event Setup
  • Click Classes + Categories (left side)
  • Scroll toward the bottom of the page

There are a few nifty things you can do in Advanced Settings:

1. Limit Total Participants

As you no doubt know, you can limit the number of participants allowed in any individual Class. But in advanced settings you can limit the total number of participants in the entire event.  Just enter the number in the Maximum number of registrations section.

2. Manage Public Participant List

Interesting fact:  Aside from the registration pages, the participant lists are the most trafficked pages on imATHLETE. You can accept it or not, but people find validation by seeing their name (and that of their friends) listed on a website. So you've got options:

  • Always Show:  Click this to always have your participant list available for public view
  • Hide until...:  You can hide the participant list until you receive x registrations, where x = any number you like. Once you hit that number, the participant list will magically appear.
  • Confirm Only:  The entire list will not be displayed. People will have to enter their name in a search box in order to confirm their entry.
  • Never Show:  The participant list will always be hidden from view

3. Upcoming Price Points

Upcoming price points are new prices coming up within the next seven days. By default, imATHLETE shows all upcoming price points. If you'd like to disable that, go ahead and select the hidden option.

4. Arrange Classes

By default, imATHLETE will display Classes in alphabetical order. Want to rearrange them? Click "Arrange Classes" and you can change the order by renumbering, clicking buttons or dragging and dropping. It's not just helpful, it's fun!