Event Setup: Confirmation Page and Launching Registration

If you've gotten to the confirmation page of event setup, which I'm guessing you have (unless you just like reading knowledge base questions to help you sleep at night), then you are literally seconds away from getting registration up and running.

On the bottom of the Confirm page you should see two buttons:  Launch Registration and Preview Registration


Clicking this button launches registration to the public

IMPORTANT: If you set your open dates/times (in Classes + Categories) to a date in the future, nobody will be able to register until that date/time is reached, even if you click the Launch Registration button.

Clicking this button allows you to see the participant registration process without opening registration up to the public.  Only you (and those you give the URL to) will be able to see registration.

Some important things about Preview Mode:

  • You can go all the way through registration as a participant would
  • You can enter a credit card but you can not submit the credit card
  • The event won't appear in imATHLETE search or be visible to the public


    I don't see the option to click the Launch Registration button - where is it?
    That probably means there is an error in Event Setup or the registration agreement has not been signed.  Look at the information listed on the Confirm Your Event box and any errors will be listed in red.

    Getting an error about your payee information?
    Read this!

    How do I get to the Confirm page to Launch Registration?
    I'm glad you asked... and I can't believe I forgot to tell you!
  • Go into Event Setup
  • Click the Confirm link (left side of page)

...and there you are!