Event Setup: Descriptions of each page

I know you're all eager to set up the registration pages for your event, training program, club or whatever you're working on now.  And, guess what, I'm eager to get you going on it.  But before we begin, I want to make sure you know what you'll be doing on each page of the set-up process.


In fact, you may want to bookmark this page, because any change you want to make to your setup is most likely going to be done on these pages.  Use this as a reference to remind yourself how to do things.  Go on, set the bookmark.  C'mon, I'm waiting.  Seriously, I'll wait here all day if I have to, just set the bookmark.

Alright, thank you.  Whew.  That got a little awkward for a second.  
Here we go... (click on the page name to get into more detail about that page)

Oh, and if you need to figure out how to get into the Event Setup section, take a gander over here.

Search for an Event - Check to make sure the event isn't already listed on imATHLETE
Event Information - Set up the basic event info (name, date, social media, etc.)
Sports + Activities - Indicate what type of event it is and how long the courses are
Associations - Indicate if the event is USAT sanctioned
Details - Share info about the event, the course and whatever else you want to share
Contact Information - Provide contact information for participants
Uploads - Upload the event logo, course maps or any other image/document 
Online Registration - Indicate whether there is registration for the event or not
Payment Information - Indicate who imATHLETE should send money to
Event Properties - Customize the waiver and/or add sponsor information
Drawings - If you're running a drawing, you'll set up parameters here
Classes + Categories - Set up price levels, dates, limits, participant list and more
Cancellation, Deferral, Waitlist - Setup your cancellation, transfer, deferral rules
Custom Questions - Create any question you want, including shirt size
Upsell Your Events - Select the events you want to promote during registration
Notifications - Set yourself up to receive registration and cancellation notifications by email
Confirm - Launch registration! Or put it in Preview Mode.