Event Setup: Event Properties

The Event Properties page allows you to manage your participant waiver and select whether you want to display sponsor information.


imATHLETE automatically includes a default waiver that is used by many of our clients.  Do you have your own waiver you want to use?  Just do this:

  • Copy and paste your waiver into the Participant Waiver box, above the imATHLETE waiver
  • Include "I Am Athlete, LLC ("imATHLETE")" in the list of companies released from liability

That's it!  You're all set.

HINT: If you have a USA Triathlon sanctioned event, imATHLETE will automatically have all participants sign the USAT waiver. You do *not* need to add the USAT waiver here.

HINT #2:  If you know basic HTML tags, feel free to use them in the Event Waiver section.


This is the history of each change made to your Event Waiver with a link to the actual waiver you were using. If you've never changed your waiver, the history section will be empty. Here's what a waiver history might look like:



imATHLETE includes a place on every event page where participants can communicate with each other to ask/answer questions.  We recommend you keep this on, though you can turn it off if you really want.


Add your sponsor information here and their logo / link will appear on your event pages.  Plus, they'll be happy.

  • Click Select One to add an existing sponsor or click Add a Sponsor to add a new one
  • If you haven't yet added the sponsor, click Create a New Sponsor
  • Add the Sponsor Name
  • Add the Sponsor URL
  • Click Upload Image and add their logo (HINT:  Make sure it is a square)
  • Add more sponsors
  • Arrange them in order

​Sponsor logos/links will appear on your Event Overview page, like so...