Event Setup: Notifications

Registration Notification

Are you a glutton for punishment? Do you want to receive notification whenever somebody registers? How about whenever somebody cancels? If anybody wants to receive these notifications, here's where you'll add them:

  1. Start by logging in to your dashboard
  2. Click edit next to the name of your event
  3. Click Notifications on the left sidebar

From there:

  • Click the Select One drop down box
  • Select an existing contact or choose Other: to manually add somebody else
  • Click Add contact to notification list
  • Click All to indicate whether they should get registration or cancellation notifications. Or both.

Check out how it's done:





Easy, yes?

Membership Reminder Notifications

You will only see this section if you have set up a Membership option. 

In this section, you can set up notifications to send to members when a membership is about to expire or has already expired. Here's how:

  1. Click Add notification
  2. Select the number of days from the first drop down box and before or after from the second drop down box. 
  3. Click Save

All set!

Repeat for all the reminders you'd like members to receive. There is no limit to the number of notifications you can set up, and once a member has renewed, they will not receive any subsequent reminders. Like so:



Once your reminders are set up, the Membership Reminder Notifications section will look something like this:


To delete a notification once you've set it up, just come back to this section and click delete next to the notification option you'd like to remove.