Event Setup: Payment Information

This is a fairly important page to fill out correctly as it determines what happens with your money. Let me break it down by the two sections:


  • Click the Add Payee button
  • If you already set up the Payee, select it from the dropdown.  If not, select Add New
  • Fill out the form
  • IMPORTANT: Enter the name/email for all people that should receive copies of the statements 
  • Click Save Payee

ALSO IMPORTANT:  You can have multiple payees for any given event. Just make sure you indicate the % of revenue for each payee. The total % of all payees MUST equal 100%.

ALSO ALSO IMPORTANT:  We highly highly recommend you get yourself on direct deposit.  
Check it out:

Do you want to include the service fee in your registration or add the service fee to the registration.  Select the appropriate button.  Here's a hypothetical example for a $30 registration:

Include Fee = participant pays $30, imATHLETE sends you $27
Add Fee = participant pays $33, imATHLETE sends you $30

We recommend adding the fee. 


That's all there is to it!