Event Setup: Sports + Activities

Sports and Activities are used to help participants find your event. Though similar, these are not the "classes" participants sign up for - you'll set those up later. The information you provide here helps us drive participants to your event. For the sake of clarity with terminology:

  • Event = the overall day(s) of racing (e.g., The Great Event Festival)
  • Sport = an individual race (e.g., sprint triathlon, marathon)
  • Activity = the length of each race (e.g., run 5 kilometers, swim 800 meters, bike 25 miles)

If you aren't already in your event setup, here's how to get there:

  1. From your dashboard, click the red edit link to the right of your event name
  2. Click the red Sports + Activities link on the left sidebar
  3. Continue setting up Sport, Activity, and Distances on this page like so: