Event Setup: Upsell Your Events

Here's a statistic you're going to love:  25% of registrations on imATHLETE have multiple items in their cart.That means imATHLETE registrants are registering for more events or registering more people.

What this means for you is pretty direct: imATHLETE helps you get more people registered for more events.

Which brings us right to the upsell page.  On this page you'll see a list of your events.  

Put a checkmark next to your other events you want to upsell in the registration.  By doing that, registrants will be prompted to register for more than one event before they checkout.



  • Go into Event Setup
  • Click Upsell Your Events (left side)
  • Check the boxes next to the events you want to promote
  • Click Save and Continue

    That's it!  Besides, of course, the requisite video to provide a visual representation of the steps above.