Event Setup Walkthrough

If you've got the event idea, we've got the registration solution! We've thought about all the little things, so you can spend more time focusing on the fun things. Without further ado, let's...

...set up your event! 

Here we show you the basic process along with a few tips about what is needed right away and what can be added later. You can have your basic event online and ready for registrations in fairly short order. 

The basic process is:

  1. Create a company account
  2. Provide Company Contact information
  3. Create your first event

Throughout the process, look for the hints inred on the setup screens that provide additional information and details! 

A. Create a company account

The first thing you'll need is a company account. If you already have one, you can jump to step 3. Accounts are associated with an email addresses. If you already have an athlete account, you'll want to use a different email address for the company account (or contact us to have your athlete account switched to a company account). 

  1. Go to www.imathlete.com
  2. Select SIGN UP from the top
  3. For Account Type, select Company

  1. Enter information, click Next
  2. Enter country, state, city, postal code, phone number. Service provider is your cell service.

B. Enter Your Company Contact information

Next you'll come to the Your Company Contact page. Dismiss the "Thanks for joining" popup and let's get to it!

Notes for Company Contact page:

  • Fields with an * are required.
  • We use the Tax ID number to pay you from your registration revenue.
    Enter in the form of XX-XXXXXXX.
    • If you do not have a company, you may use your personal tax ID number (SSN). Your information is kept private. If you have any concerns regarding entering a number, please contact us at rdsupport@imathlete.com.

  • Community Setting: we recommend choosing "Let me decide for each event." 
  • Total participants is not published anywhere; it just gives us a sense of scale.
  • Types of events is used to index your events on our search page.

Types of Events:


Click Save and Continue

Select Company Policies

You'll be setting your policies at an event level so simply Save and Continue to proceed to the next step. 

C. Create your First Event!

Let's create our first event! We will step you through the process so you understand the options and don't miss anything important. 


SelectAdd New Event


As you set up your event,  note that we offer a full buffet of options, but you make the choices! And just like a buffet, you can go back for more - you can edit and adjust settings as needed.

Let's get to it. Set aside a bit of time because you will need to get at least to the Online Registration step to save your event! 

The toolbar on the left is your guide. Here's a helpful resource describing what can be found in each section. We will review each of the sections. They are quick-linked below. 

As you move through, note the question marks and Tell Me More links indicating help text for each step.

1. Event Information 

Notes for Event Information page

  • We allow for (and encourage) two URLs for your event page. Both will go to the same place. Select "add another custom URL" to enable. One should be a short easy-to-remember one for your athletes, and the second should be longer, more descriptive, and use hyphens for space. In this case (not visible), we used "2018-Run-for-the-Roses-5k-Arbortown-PA." 
  • The social media links are used to enable participants to post that they have just registered for your event. That's some quality word-of-mouth advertising (or maybe word-of-fingers). 

2. Sports + Activities 

Let us help drive participants to your event. Tell us what kinds of sports (i.e. cycling, swimming, running) and types of events (i.e. road, trail, 5k, 10 miler) your event offers. This is not the same as registration classes - you'll set those up later. 


3. Associations  

If you selected Triathlon in the previous section, choose USA Triathlon if it is (or will be) a sanctioned event. This will activate the USAT membership portions of registration. 


4. Event Details 

An event overview is required, but you can return to edit this at a later point. All other fields are optional. 

Deselect (unclick the box) any fields that you do not intend to use.

Details (1)

5. Contact Information 

This will auto-populate with the contact information from your account setup. 
Please select Use the Following Contact Information to add a phone number and company website. 

Contact_Info (1)

6. Uploads 

Here's where you upload the logo for your race, along with any photos or documents. You could use this section to upload course maps or an athlete guide. If you do have a race logo, do take the time to upload it here. This is what will be used when your participants share their registration news on social media!

  1. Delete the imATHLETE logo (click to confirm)
  2. Upload a new one! (Square ones work best)



Now you are rolling!

7. Online Registration 

Select either Set Up registration or Save the information and I'll finish later

You'll be asked to approve the standard imATHLETE contract. Read it, be sure to scroll fully to the bottom and initial.


8. Payment Information 

  • To split payment among two or more recipients
    • Add Payee(s)
    • Those added to Notifications will also receive an emailed copy of the pay statement (i.e. accounting department or bookkeeper)
    • To split payments, first edit the 100% to a smaller portion. Then edit the percentage for the other payee(s). They must add to 100%

  • Choose whether to add or include Service Fees to Registration and to Merchandise (see more information here). We recommend choosing add



9. Event Properties 


  • Use the default imATHLETE waiver or copy and paste your own.
  • Basic HTML tags are allowed
  • If a custom waiver is used, include "I Am Athlete, LLC ("imATHLETE")" in the list of companies released from liability

Community Settings- select "Yes" to enable form-like discussions on your event page


  1. Click Create New Sponsor - enter name and URL 
  2. It will initially be added with an imATHLETE logo as the default.
    Click Edit and then Add Photo. Select a logo in a square format
    You can select Edit again to adjust the thumbnail if needed.
  3. Add additional sponsors using Create New Sponsor
  4. Any sponsors added previously will appear in the existing sponsor drop-down and can be selected and Added. 



10. Classes + Categories 

Now we are into the fun stuff - registration types, pricing, dates, and associated information. Class describes the race type (i.e. 5k, 10k) and categories are used primarily for awards. For detailed information on the many options, see our Help Desk article here. For this example, we will set up simple 5K and 1 mile options.

In the top section, select Add Class

For each class, you will need to set Categories and Price Levels.Waves / Heats are optional. Note you can easily offer teams, and while that is not addressed in this article, we have other articles on teams that address the ins-and-outs of that! 

Note: the registration limit is per class, and only if you want to limit that specific class

Classes (1)


There are additional (optional) settings. Click on the? in your setup screens for more information on each.

Note: Maximum number of registrations is the maximum for the entire event.


Rapid Registration mode is ideal for expos, event-day registrations, and any time you want people to be able to sign up quickly. It takes the participant straight to checkout, omitting merchandise sales, the ability to register multiple people, and the opportunity to sell your other events at that moment. 

11. Cancellation, Deferral, Waitlist 

Participants like options and like being able to self-manage those. Enabling participant cancellations through imATHLETE avoids manual processes. You can set the limits on when and how those are processed. Learn more about all of the options here. These automated processes are worth exploring because it means more money and less work for you, and more happiness and autonomy for athletes. Make sure that the policy in the text box matches the options you've selected!

The cancellation policy cannot be edited. It is generated from the details you select. If you'd like to post a cancellation policy, we suggest you do so in the Miscellaneous section of Event Details.


This box is small but really important to your participants! By enabling the optional Registration Protection Program, participants have access to cancellation insurance. It doesn't cost you anything, and participants can choose whether or not to purchase it. Allianz Global Assistance covers online registration cancellation due to illness, injury, normal pregnancy, military duty, transportation delays, employer termination, and more.  


A deferral allows a participant to switch to either next year's event or another one of your events, while generating more revenue for you. An automatedwaitlistis useful for sold-out events. When someone cancels, the top person on the waitlist fills the spot, the event remains sold-out, and you make more money!


Just a little more to go on this section, hang in there! 

With Mail-In payments, participants can choose to pay by check instead of credit card. They submit all their registration information online, but send the payment (plus service fee) to imATHLETE. Payments must be received by imATHLETE no later than 7 days prior to the event otherwise the participant will not be confirmed and will not be a registered participant in your event. 


Use Manage Participant Changes to set the date through which participants can edit their registration to change things like t-shirt size, category, or optional custom question answers. They cannot edit their name or address or transfer their registration in this way (there is another process for transfers). We recommend that you allow participant changes up until registration closes. 


12. Custom Questions 

This is a small but mighty block that allows you to add custom questions of relevance to your event. We make it easy to add the more common custom questions like t-shirt size and mobile phone information. Even if you don't plan to message your participants, it's good to have mobile info just in case. For more complete information, please reference these help desk articles, but here we share some simple examples. 


But you might also want to add really custom questions like, "Will you be running with a dog?" and "What is your dog's name?" If dogs are only allowed in the 5k and not the kid's run, you can restrict the questions to that class. 

We save all your custom questions so you can reuse them from one event to another. You can reorder and hide questions.


Custom Question With Limits is used for items with...well....limited capacity or limited units. An example would be if you offer bus rides to the start and have a fixed number of seats/trips. More on that here

We ask a number of standard required questions so you don't have to: name, address, email, phone, and date of birth (from which we calculate race age). We also ask estimated finish time, emergency contact information, and medical information, but you can choose to un-check any of those three to omit them from participant registration.

13. Upsell Your Events 

This is your opportunity to promote your other events to the registrant. They can sign up for multiple events conveniently and pay for them at one time. To utilize this feature, set up all of your events first, then return to even setup for each and enable the Upsell feature, selecting the events you would like included. 

14. Notifications 

You will always have access to your participant list from your dashboard. However, if you'd like to receive an email notification each time a new participant registers or cancels, complete this section. This could be beneficial for a very small event, but unless you REALLY like to get a lot of email, you can skip this section. 

15. Confirm! 

Note: if you did not complete the agreement to the imATHLETE Registration Contract prior to this step, go back to Online Registration, select Set up Registration, then Save & Continue and you will be prompted for your agreement.

That's it! Well done!

Now test our your event in preview mode, before launching. In preview mode you can do everything except check out (i.e. pay). Here's some information on how to do that. 

To set up additional events, return to the Dashboard, and select Events on the left-hand side. From there you can Create a new event, Copy an event, or Update an event to the next year (bringing past participant data along).


Before you go...

We have a few more things to mention.

  • Become familiar with your dashboard
  • Learn about the tools we offer: email marketing, text messaging, reporting, tracking, and merchandise sales.
  • Have a question? We have answers!

Here's the dashboard from which you can make changes, launch new events, and see how all of your events are doing individually and collectively.

Dashboard (1)

Here's what you can find in each section of your left-side toolbar:


Have fun!!