Event Summary Table

The Event Summary table is our way of giving you lightning fast access to the most commonly used areas of the site. Chances are good that you are not intimately familiar with all to great stuff we've packed in to this little space. Here's a quick run down of what everything does.

Event Summary

These numbers all update in real time.

  • Limit - The maximum number of participants who can register for your event
  • Registered - Total number of participants registered for your event
  • Canceled - The number of participants who registered and then cancelled
  • Waitlist - The number of people on the waitlist for your event
  • Mail-in - The number of mail-in registrations awaiting payment
  • Changes - The number of participant edits to registrations

Clickable Links

  • event title - this will take you straight to your participant details
  • edit - both edit links take you to your Event Setup
  • change - This takes you to the Classes + Categories page of Event Setup
  • updates - See a quick overview of registration data
  • participant details - another link that takes you to your participant details
  • registration report - shortcut to your Registration Details Report
  • add participant - shortcut to quickly add a participant
  • delete - delete your event (this only works if nobody has signed up for the event)
  • view event - view your public event page
  • share - share your event on Facebook or Twitter (Psst - if you want to track conversions on these, check out Event Marketing Links).

Financial Summary

See the total number and dollar amount of registrations over different time periods.


Event Search

If you've got enough events to require multiple pages, search for your event using the Event Search box. Be sure to choose the correct Event Year from the drop down box as the search is specific to the selected time frame. When you're finished searching, you can click Clear to return to the regular event listing.


Event Year

Can't find an event you just made for next year? Just choose the appropriate year from the Event Year drop down, and voila! Event found. If you are using the membership feature, your memberships have their own special option called... well, Memberships.